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Jeanie Hertz

Oconomowoc, WI
I'm a mom of four teenage girls. My oldest (16) has a long history of life-threatening allergies to peas, peanuts and tree nuts, and has had anaphylaxis three times. She recently completed 3 years in a peanut patch trial, and is now eating peanuts daily! During the trial, her IgE to several other allergens decreased so much that she has passed food challenges to peas and several tree nuts, with more challenges scheduled. Her allergies to walnut and pecan remain severe and affect her ability to enjoy outings with school groups, etc. I'm concerned about how to help her navigate the rest of high school, and especially college safely and happily. One of my dearest wishes is to see the "may contain/manufactured in same facility" warnings become mandatory. That, and an easy, safe cure ;)